“Pies de barro”

2733200806efeeducacion-3.jpg  Nueva ley, competencias, formación, más alumnos con necesidades educativas especiales, convivencia escolar… La eucaristía final de curso es un buen momento para ofrecer todo al Señor, la cena con los compañeros lo es para la charla, el debate, la discusión y caer en “típicos tópicos” necesarios. Necesarios para el análisis informal y cotidiano, necesarios por la importancia y relevancia de la educación. Comparamos dotaciones, apoyos y facilidades entre comunidades autónomas. Pasamos de grandes hechos a casos particulares sin orden de continuidad… “¿Cómo está María Elena? No parece que vaya a levantar cabeza”; “la educación de un país, una sociedad, se juega en la buena educación de cada niño y adolescente en concreto”; “si su familia nos apoyara y confiara en nosotros…”. Un gran gigante con pies de barro. Pasamos del barro de los gobernantes que desean adocenar o cultivar según sus ideas, hasta el barro de las manos de los maestros, sin dejar atrás el barro de los padres y, también, de cada alumno concreto. “Luis parece que sigue adelante a pesar de la recaída”,”los padres de Julia están alerta ante su extrema delgadez”, “lo de Carmen este curso ha sido maravilloso, vaya progresión milagrosa”.             El barro de esos gigantescos pies, que nos remite a la finitud y a la fragilidad del hombre y de la tarea educadora, a nosotros, los cristianos, nos recuerda la arcilla de la que fuimos creados. Nos evoca la vida, la esperanza y la posibilidad de “re-creación”  a imagen y semejanza de Dios, que nos ama sin límites. Recordar el barro de nuestra naturaleza nos debe remitir a la fe. Saber de nuestras limitaciones pero confiar en nuestras posibilidades porque Él nos confía a cada uno de nosotros la tarea educativa, nos confía a cada compañero, a cada alumno y familia que pone en nuestras manos. Puede que el tamaño del gigante y el material de sus pies nos hagan parecer utópico que la carga sea llevadera. El barro roto visto en vidas cercanas, o en la propia, hace mella en el corazón entregado del maestro. Sentirse vocacionado, puesto por Dios en ese colegio y esa aula, le salva. Renueva su ilusión cada mañana, cada curso. Sólo la fe puede recordarnos de qué pasta estamos hechos y por qué apostar por el hombre, por los adolescentes, niños y familias concretas con confianza y esperanza. Mi amigo Fernando ya tiene una buena imagen con la que empezar el curso desde la pastoral el curso que viene: el barro. Fernando Cordero, ss.cc.

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  1. The Let’s Run Foundation is a social contribution foundation established to create a society that completes social responsibility and lives together as a public interest company by raising funds with donations from the Korean Horse Association and donations from executives and employees. It was founded on 18 March 2014.Previously, the Korean Racing온라인경마 Authority conducted various donations or social return activities in the social contribution team, but the establishment was promoted due to the need for a more active and professional foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to support job creation projects, talent development projects, cultural enrichment projects, welfare promotion projects for the vulnerable, and image improvement projects for the horse industry.

  2. I hope you continue to support and encourage me as much as you do now. It is difficult to get caught up in strange rumors due to the nature of the job as a jockey. I hope you don’t be deceived by such rumors and trust your rider until the end. I will show you the reward of faith with my grades. It is the power of fans that can be overcome when the race is not going well or psychological pressure and slumps. It is the driving force that a온라인경마 llows the fans to quickly forget their bad memories and focus on the race. Thank you so much.He made his debut on June 5, 2014, and achieved 100 wins in two years and three months. In 2015, she won the Jeju Ilbo Cup and JIBS Cup horse racing competition. Selected as ‘MVP Jockey’ in second half of 2016…Twenty-four years old, but experienced and confident. Sincerity and sincerity were reflected in every movement and every word he/she uttered.

  3. It was the most difficult when I just debuted. During the training of the colt, he fell with the horse and was crushed by the horse. Since then, I have an ankle aftereffect. Even now, he is not able to run as fast. Currently, there is no significant impact on Gyeongju, but it was affected at that time. Although his ankle was swollen due to a ligament rupture and fracture, he wanted to continue riding for the race, so he said he had bruises. I limped and tried to ride one more. At that time, the complete recovery 온라인경마 was not done properly, leaving a slight aftereffect.It was during the 2015 JIBS Ship Racing Competition. Although it was not a horse that I expected to win because it was unpopular, I did not miss it and did my best to ride it because it was an opportunity that came once. I won because it was an opportunity from heaven.

  4. They said, “The horse racing society has been equipped with a system to sell tickets for the lowest price of 2,000 won at the Yonghwa Sangma Racing Center and has continued to receive a number of gamblers,” adding, “This is the reason for the closure of the Yongsan Video Racing Authority.” He also claimed that he violated the Act on the Integrated Supervisory Commission of Private Business by giving prize온라인경마 s worth 40,000 won to 10 percent of customers who enter and leave the Yongsan outdoor market.Representatives Kim Kwang-jin and Jang Ha-na, members of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy’s Euljiro Committee, said, “Now that there is a serious reason for the closure, the Korean Racing Authority should immediately shut down Yongsan video gambling center.”

  5. A revision bill related to the succession of horse riding facilities has been proposed at the National Assembly, which is expected to ease the hassle of newly reporting the death or transfer of horse riding facilities.On the 10th, Rep. Kim Woo-nam made a representative motion (Kim Young-rok, Kim Chun-jin, Park Min-soo, Boo Jwa-hyun, Yoo Seong-yeop, Lee Gae-ho, Joo Seung-yong, Choi Kyu-sung (NPAD), and Lee Jong-bae (Sanuri Party).Under the Horse Industry Promotion Act, operators 온라인경마 who started operating private horse riding or farming and fishing-type horse riding courses are pleased with Rep. Kim Woo-nam’s proposal for a revision. This is because other sports facilities have clear legal regulations on the succession of operations based on inheritance or transfer, while there were no regulations on equestrian facilities.

  6. No horse officials insisted on raising the refund rate, and it was unclear whether everyone would take the lead in raising the refund rate, but they said that one thing was to persuade the National Assembly and the government to raise the 73% domestic horse race refund rate to at least 80%, Japan’s level.CEO Kim Byung-hong said, “If the horse race refund rate is raised, the issue claimed by the union can be implemented,”온라인경마 adding, “We hope that the union’s work will be left to the union and the KCTU will actively fight to raise the refund rate.” In addition, he/she said, “I think the KCTU is the only way to truly help the union,” and that only through this, “we should know that there is a big pie to go back to the managers.”

  7. CEO Kim Jong-soo introduced high-quality lotus root processing products that differentiate them from existing lotus root products, and in particular, “steamed frozen lotus root” is receiving great response from consumers because it is easy to cook without any additives. Don Park’s processed
    온라인경마 products entered overseas markets such as China and Japan as well as online and offline sales, and was designated as a “farm processing export company” in South Gyeongsang Province in 2016 in recognition of its achievements.The 20-ri Dulle-gil along the lotus path is adjacent to Miryang Theater Village, Experience Center, and Lotus Complex, which attracted more than 100,000 visitors last year.

  8. It is building trust in food ingredients by running a program for nutrition teachers and parents to experience the entire process of supplying food ingredients in the production and processing of agricultural products every month. In particular, it contributes to the development of the local economy and the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly by creating jobs for the elderly by actively recruiting the elderly, who are vulnerable to employment, to processing tasks.Choi Bong-soon, 온라인경마 director of the Rural Industry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, said, “The Wi-Farm Farming Association is building trust in local agricultural products by supplying local food to consumers. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food will continue to support and nurture excellent rural industries.”

  9. In addition, the current law requires those who have to pay the farmland conservation levy to issue a “revocation within 10 days” within 10 days after the payment deadline, while the National Tax Collection Act and others requir온라인경마 e the issuance of a “revocation within 20 days” within 10 days after the payment deadline.Representative Park Wan-joo said, “The agricultural promotion area is a high-quality agricultural area that must be protected for food security, but the current farmland conservation levy system did not properly reflect the purpose of suppressing high-quality farmland.”

  10. In addition, the current law requires those who have to pay the farmland conservation levy to issue a “revocation within 10 days” within 10 days after the payment d
    온라인경마 eadline, while the National Tax Collection Act and others require the issuance of a “revocation within 20 days” within 10 days after the payment deadline.Representative Park Wan-joo said, “The agricultural promotion area is a high-quality agricultural area that must be protected for food security, but the current farmland conservation levy system did not properly reflect the purpose of suppressing high-quality farmland.”

  11. Naturally, the horse racing industry is a distinctive industry from the gambling industry such as cycling and casinos. Horse and horse racing are clearly distinguished from the general gambling industry because they are included in the horse industry and have a national infrastructure. It is clear that if horse racing is activated through the resumption of horse racing refunds 온라인경마 and the resumption of Internet horse racing, which has been blocked since 2009, the horse industry will be activated accordingly.I hope many horse racing fans will pay attention. Only when 150,000 horse racing enthusiasts pay a lot of attention to it, it can be realized otherwise. I ask you to actively participate and pay attention to the minimum rights of horse racing fans.

  12. According to Jeju officials at Let’s Run Park, Yoon Gak-hyun is considered a representative administrative expert with excellent leadership and internal and external communication skills within the Korean horse society. After graduating from Yongin University with a doctorate in physical education, he joined the Korean Racing Association in April 1989 with a public recruitment, and has served in major positions such as the Busan Racing Authority (2014-2016) and the Audit Office (2017-2018). In particular, he took the lead in eradicating corruption and practicing the right work life to the point where he was rumored to be a sa온라인경마
    mple of clean office workers while serving as the head of the audit office.Yoon Gak-hyun, the new head of the headquarters, said, “We will do our best as a public company in the local community with provincial residents to create a leisure culture and become a representative tourist destination along with horses.”

  13. Daemyung Group is a leading company in the domestic leisure industry and is striving to spread its leisure culture. Do you think horseback riding can become a popular sport through leisureization?Compared to baseball, which has become a representative sport in Korea, the popularization of horseback riding may sound a little far away. However, the audience’s response and gaze at the scene during the last two competitions were certain that the popularization 온라인경마 of horseback riding would not be long before the event was held, and it became the driving force behind the hosting of “Mayon A Horse 2017.” In the future, Daemyung Group intends to take the lead in popularizing horseback riding by combining various cultures and horseback riding that the public likes.

  14. Therefore, I believe that the drifting project should be changed to a virtuous cycle structure that can encompass everything, including the trading market. In particular, the establishment of a large riding stadium is considered the most important. There should be a horse riding stadium to hold a horse riding competition for a long time, and through that competition, everything such as domestic horse production, sales, feed, and janggu온라인경마 should be sold and activated. That way, I think the project can be unified. In addition, I hope that more international competitions such as “Mayon a Horse” will be held.Of course it’s a sport. Horseback riding is an official Olympic sport. The political entanglements about Chung Yoo-ra, which has recently been a problem, have also been negative. It’s a pity that horseback riding is seen negatively about it.

  15. The most common story I heard when I was riding in Australia was that I started off clean and good. It is true that it was easier than others to solve the initial development thanks to the extreme concentration when entering the gate. If you leave the gate, you can ride according to the mafia’s tendency to adjust to all weather conditions. It may be a virtue of all riders, but I have honed my control ability to drive and hold when I drive on a horse, and I think it is my strength.Morning training 온라인경마 was not as much as Korea did when riding in Australia. Instead, there was an actual race almost every day. Of course, it would be difficult if you had to ride for 10 days without a day off, but even if you did, you would have to endure it if it was necessary to live in Korea. What’s important is that words that have raised their abilities through training can show good performance in the real world.

  16. He has been riding horses since he was 16 years old in Australia. In fact, I had never ridden a horse before, but I was lucky to get a chance because my father was a rider in Australia. I liked sports so much and I was able to adapt quickly because 온라인경마 I had athleticism. Above all, riding a horse was so fun and happy. Then it became a job.Last season, he won two GI titles, including the South Australian Oaks. I think that working hard and thinking that it is the same whether it is a big or small competition led to good results. I don’t usually get too nervous because it’s a big competition, and I try to stay calm.

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