Hoku is very tired but now she is not frightened

Hoku is very tired but now she is not frightened. At dusk she approaches Father Damien while he is smoking his pipe. He strokes her hair and says:

Hoku spends all morning with Father Damien

Continuamos con la lectura de “Kamiano and I”: Hoku spends all morning with Father Damien. In the surgery she helps put clean bandages on the newly – arrived. She gives them a little hot coffee to keep out the cold, and looks for clean clothes in the basket in the entrance. Seven have arrived, and […]

He discovered the presence of Hoku

  Kamiano knows that somebody is watching him. Some days ago he discovered the presence of Hoku in the distance. By the size of the footprints he knows that it is someone small. He is used to the children wandering all day between the huts and the scrub. He is worried and wants to start […]

Sometimes Damien misses his family

Continuamos ofreciendo la lectura de Kamiano en inglés. Enviamos un saludo a Pedro y Patricia McMahon, que están siguiendo atentamente con sus padres a “Kamiano and I”.

Kamiano also visits now and again

 Continuamos con la narración en inglés de “Kamiano y yo”. Aquí podéis ver la portada en inglés.

“Kamiano and I”

Nos han llamado hoy de la revista 21 para comentarnos que la edición en inglés de “Kamiano y yo” (“Kamiano and I”) acaba de salir de la imprenta y ya se está distribuyendo. Los que los deseéis podéis pedir el cuento o bien, a través de la web de 21, www.21rs.es, o llamando al 91 […]

In the middle of the village

Sigue practicando tu inglés con “Kamiano y yo”.  In the middle of the village of Kalawao there is a giant tree that is very old, a great pandano. It is the tree that gave him refuge in his first days in Molokai. Kamiano sleeps under its branches many nights, when the weather is fine. He […]

He has decided to stay to live forever in Molokai

 Damián decide quedarse para siempre con los enfermos de lepra. Lee despacio y descubre, al hilo de la lectura, las palabras que no entiendas.

Damien has offered voluntarily

Continuamos ofreciendo el texto de “Kamiano y yo” en inglés. The bishop is worried and has asked a missionary to spend a few months looking after the lepers. Damien has offered voluntarily and has gone to live with them. He is young, 33 years old and is really looking forward to being with them and […]

Practica inglés con “Kamiano y yo”

La editorial 21-rs está preparando la edición de “Kamiano y yo” en inglés. Os vamos a ir ofreciendo el texto en este idioma para que os sirva para practicar. Si tenéis la edición en castellano, podéis comparar un idioma con otro, así aprenderéis mucho más. Y os lo podéis pasar muy bien.